Garbh Gauri Rudraksha

Garbha Gauri Rudraksha also called as Ganesh Gauri Rudraksh are one of the most sought after rudrakhsa holy beads. Each garb gauri rudraksha consists of two beads on top of each other connected naturally, one small and one big, representing Lord Ganesh and mother Parvati. Garbh Gauri Rudraksha is the small form of Gauri Shankar. It is also called Garb Gauri Rudraksha. The major difference between gauri shankar and garb gauri rudraksha is that in gauri shankar rudraksha both the beads are of equal siz while in garb gauri one bed is larger than the another. Garb gauri rudrakshas are considered the best for those women who suffer defects in their conceptions and they are prone to abortion. It is advised that they should wear Garbh-Gauri Rudraksha. If it is worn around the neck, she gains pleasure to have issues and her motherhood gets perfection

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