Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Pukhraj (hindi name for yellow sapphire) is very soothing to the eyes. Its rich color, transparency, smooth texture and shine emit an aura that clearly calls for distinction though the treated ones shine more than the natural ones. It is found in white, orange and different shades of yellow color. It is so popular among the top brass of the society that it almost looks like the dress code of corporate heads, officers, ministers and anyone who is ambitious and want to touch the zenith of success. Since it is associated with Jupiter (Guru in Hindi) in one’s horoscope, it is almost synonymous with ambition and material wealth. Apart from that, astrologers and believers claim of its efficacy even in the success of married life. You can wear this miracle stone in a gold or panch dhatu ring/pendant setting on a Thursday. Remember that the mantra for charging a pukhraj is “om braam breem braum sah guruvey namah”. Pukhraj is also called pokhraj, pushparaj, kanaga pushparagam, pushparaga besides its english name yellow sapphire.

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