Pink Sapphire (Gulabi Pukhraj)

Sapphire also called as Neelam is one of the three gem-varieties of corundum, the other two being ruby – defined as corundum in a shade of red—and padparadscha—a pinkish orange variety. Although blue is their most well-known color, sapphires may also be colorless and they are found in many colors including shades of gray and black. Blue sapphire is a compound of aluminum and oxygen. Due to slight mixture with cobalt it becomes blue. The primary sources of mining blue sapphires are Myanmar, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Kenya and China. However when it comes to choose the best source Madagascar is the world leader in sapphire production with deposits in and around the city of Ilakaka. The sapphire gives coolness, tranquility, happiness and spiritual enlightenment to the wearer. These precious gemstones are the best choice for people having weak Saturn.

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