Emerald (Panna)

Emerald is green Beryl and is a beautiful stone, popularly used in jewellery. The best emeralds are found in Colombia, Bolivia, India, Pakistan and Brazil. But the best stones are found in a place in Colombia near Chivor. Here, the stones are found in veins inside limestone and dark shale. Ural Mountains are also rich in emeralds and retain the most of the stones in world market. Egypt also has emerald mines which are more than 4,000 years old. Pliny talks about a huge emerald statue of Serapis which is 13.5 feet high and was a part of Egypt’s labyrinth in the ancient times. Because of it rarity and the fact that it was one of the very few gemstones that can be cut perfectly, it was named King of green stones. So far, the biggest known emerald was of 11,000 carats in its uncut state and was found in South Africa. Biggest cut emerald stone was of 1,347 carats. But that stone had some obvious flaws. Because of its beautiful color and amazing brilliance, it has been a favorite of the royalty all over the world. The biggest emerald with no flaws belongs to the Czar of Russia and had 30 carats. The Crown of Andes had 453 emeralds, out of which, the biggest one was of 45 carats. These days, synthetic emeralds are also available in the market to fool people. Thus, make sure that you buy it from a reputed dealer.

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