This beautiful red stone is also known as the bloodstone because of its dark crimson color. It is an extremely admired gemstone, thanks to its color and beauty. Even though, it is basically in red color, an extremely rare type of variation of the stone is called fire garnet which is in bright orange in color. Fire Garnet is much more costly than regular ones. Garnet is believed to be very complex as it exists in various different combinations of minerals. Even though this gem is loved by many people, but it is also considered inferior than other gemstones. Because of their abundance in the market, garnets have lost their value. It is a common stone in jewellery. But, if you want to wear it on regular basis, then make sure that you don’t expose the stone to extreme heat as it may destroy it. Apart jewelry, garnet is used in many other functions like the hardest garnets are used as an abrasive in the form of sand. It is also used in sand-blasting and when mixed with pressurized water, it can even cut steel. Scientist also used garnet in their studies of igneous and metamorphic rocks. But, the stone is mostly used in jewellery designs and is one of the most loved gemstones in the world.

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